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In most homes and businesses, the bathroom is the smallest room, however that doesn’t mean that you can’t create the perfect lighting scheme to enhance the space with functional and stylish lighting.

There are many areas in the bathroom where light fittings can be installed such as the ceiling for recessed downlights and central ceiling lights or the walls for accent and mirror lighting. These lighting elements can be used alone or in a combination to achieve different lighting levels and different atmospheres.

Whatever lights you choose and where in the bathroom they are being installed you must be sure that they comply with the Standard Safety Regulations to both protect you and the light fitting itself.  Rather than just saying that a light is waterproof, the International Standard Commitee devised the IP number system that specifies exactly how sealed the unit is and how close to water it can be installed. Every bathroom is divided into separate zones and  each zone has its own specification as to which IP number light fitting is suitable.

Below: The Bathroom Zones

Zone 1: The light fitting must have an IP number of 65 - IP65

Zone 2: The light fitting must have an IP number of 44 - 65, IP44 - IP65

Zone 3: The light fitting can have the general indoor IP number of 20 - IP20

Installing recessed spotlights or having a central ceiling light will provide an even light that lights up the entire room from above. Both these kinds of light fittings are available with standard bulbs for general bright light or dimmable bulbs for an atmospheric light. Dimmable bulbs must be used with a compatible dimmer switch fitted outside the bathroom. Please make sure that whichever light you choose complies with Standard Safety Regulations.

At the beginning and the end of each day we often look in the mirror so good lighting around the mirror is just as important as the ceiling light. Installing a lamp above or vertically next to your mirror prevents the light from casting shadows on your face which is ideal for applying make up and perfect for general grooming.

A relaxing bath can be the perfect end to a stressful day and installing low level ambient or dimmable lights will add to the luxury. Furthermore, when visiting the bathroom during the night, it is far more comfortable to have a low light. Using LED strips beneath wall mounted cabinets will provide a comfortable, soft light.

Décor lighting has a large collection of bathroom lighting for both home and business. If you would like advice or more imformation please email us at: sales@decoronline.ie.